Product Detail



  • Analysis of the gas quality of SF6 gas filled equipment


Special features

  • Provides measured values for humidity, purity and decomposition products
  • Low transport weight of 25 kg
  • Three methods for emission-free treatment of the measurement gas:
    - Direct pumping back into the tested compartment
    - Pumping into an external gas cylinder
    - Collecting in an external gas bag
  • Battery power for min. 5 measurements or mains supply
  • Not compromised by transport restrictions



The SF6 gas analysis instrument model GA11 is an innovative and inexpensive instrument for determining the SF6 gas quality. Model GA11 can measure the concentration of up to seven parameters.


A clearly arranged menu structure and a 7" colour touchscreen allow for intuitive operation. Sensors for purity and humidity measurement are already built-in in the standard version. Optionally, model GA11 can be extended with a SO2 sensor for determining the SF6 gas decomposition products. In addition, four other sensor slots are available for retrofitting other sensors, e.g. for hydrogen fluoride measurement.


The measured SF6 gas can either be pumped back into the compartment of the switchgear or an external gas cylinder or it can be directly collected in a gas bag. In each case, emission into the atmosphere is avoided.


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