Product Detail



  • Module for the maintenance of SF6 gas-filled equipment
  • Treatment of contaminated SF6 gas


Special Features

  • One filter insert for particles, humidity and decomposition products
  • Easily replaceable filter insert
  • High gas flow rate through flow optimisation
  • Robust and reliable sealing construction
  • Corrosion protection through anodised filter case


Efficient protection from contaminants

As research has shown, decomposition products such as HF, SO2, SF4 and SOF4 can form in gas-insulated equipment with discharges or failures. The model GPF-10 SF6 filter unit ensures reliable treatment of contaminated SF6 gas.

The particles found in decomposed SF6 gas, such as aluminiumfluoride (AlF3) or copper fluoride (CuF2) are effectively retained by the integrated particle filter, so that the operator does not come into contact with these substances.

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