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  • Adjustable overpressure protectors are intended to protect pressure gauges against the effect of pressures exceeding their maximum pressure rating 
  • Stainless steel version for corrosive pressure media, even in corrosive ambience
  • Process industry: mechanical engineering and plant construction, chemical/petro-chemical, power stations, mining, on- and offshore, environmental technology


Special Features

  • Design with pressure connection form A resp. form B
  • 7 different setting ranges selectable 
  • Nominal pressure up to 600 bar
  • Overpressure safe up to 1,000 bar
  • Vacuum safe



The overpressure protector consists of a spring loaded piston valve. Under normal pressure conditions the spring holds the valve open. When the system pressure exceeds the set pressure, the force exerted by the spring is overcome and the valve closes. The valve will remain closed until the system pressure drops approx. 25 % below the closing pressure, where-upon the force of the spring will open the valve.

Factory setting see data sheet.

To change setting:

Turn adjusting screw clockwise ⇒ closing pressure higher 
(or anticlockwise ⇒ closing pressure lower)
Overpressure protectors must not be used as control devices!
Settings with factory mounting
The protector is set to 1.1 x maximum scale value when ordered together with a pressure gauge.



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