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Control valves type M2F are des ig ned for regulating hot wa ter, steam and lubricating oil systems.
The double-seated valves are used in installations where the system pressure necessitates a closing force greater than available in the actuator programme for a single-seated valve. The valves are used in conjunction with our temperature- or pressure differential regulators for controlling industrial processes, district or central heating plants or marine in stallations.

Without the actuator being con nected, the valve is held in open position by means of a spring. With pres su re on the spindle the valve will close. In connection with our ther mo stats or electronic actuators, the valves will close at rising temperatures. For coo ling circuits a reverse acting valve can be used. The quadratic characteristic will not ce a se, until the flow has dropped below 4% of the full flow.

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  • Clorius 2-Way Temperature Control Valve

    Clorius specializes in the development and production of equipment for monitoring, controlling and regulating heating, cooling and ventilation. The product range consists of valves, thermostats, pressure difference regulators and electronic controllers.