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Providing accurate and reliable valve position monitoring, the APL-series limit switch boxes are designed for quarter turn valve applications (0° to 90°) used in many industries:


  •  Chemical & petrochemical
  •  Municipal wastewater
  •  Power plant
  •  Oil refinery
  •  Marine
  •  General industry


A wide range of product with many switch and other accessory options cover various customer needs: cost-effective, corrosive/ hostile environments, enclosure standards (IP67, IP68, NEMA 4, 4X, 6, flame-proof, intrinsic safety), higher/ lower operating temperature, multiple cable entries, 3-way or 5-way valve applications, current position signalling, solenoid valve, and many more.

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  • HCK Limit Switch Box APL-series 3N

    HKC is a professional manufactur specialized in the production of actuator and its accessories in the field of automatic valve. We have maximized the functional efficiency of the product throughcontinuous, decisive investments in technology and automatic manufacturing equipment so that all of our products have high competitiveness in domestic as well as global markets.