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brief introduction of turbine flowmeter.

KF500 type turbine flow meter is a speed type flow meter. For the
measurement of full closed pipeline, a continuous flow of liquid volume
flow. Turbine flow sensor for measurement of low viscosity liquid, has
high precision, can withstand the working pressure and other
characteristics. Preamplifier differential pulse output, 4~20mA standard
current signal output type, ordinary type flow detector, wear resistant
and anticorrosive, which wear resistant except the bearing and the
shaft made of hard alloy ( 25mm caliber following bearings with Hong
Gangyu ), and the design of pair of impeller with appropriate reverse
thrust, which is more suitable for measuring gasoline lubricants the
poor performance of liquid.

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    The whole welded structure,good sealing performance. Structure is simple and reliable,no moving parts inside;virtually no pressure loss