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Design and applications

Wherever a robust and reliable device for the indication of momentary values and the monitoring of flows in pipelines is required in plant engineering, the flap-type flow meter is the right choice as a reliable device for the measurement of fluids.

The meters from the KLA product range are based on the same principle. Inside the meter a flap moves up and down in analogy to the amount of fluid flowing through.

In the standard KLA version a magnet directly transfers the flap movement to an externally mounted pointer that indicates the flow quantity on a powder coated aluminium disk.

In the KLA-GS version the quantity is directly indicated by the flap. The flap-type flow meter is equipped with hard glass screens at the front and the back. The flow rate is taken from a scale engraved into the front hard glass screen. Beside this indication of the flow rate, the low-cost variant of the meter also provides a direct visual display.

For process control, the measuring device can be equipped with limit value switches or an analogue output.

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